The Industrial Processes Team:
Your dedicated Partner


Rohm and Haas Ion Exchange Business has been at the forefront of developments in the use of ion exchange resins and ion exchange catalysts since they were first invented in 1935.


The Rohm and Haas Industrial Processes team, a world wide group of experts, serves the Petrochemical and Chemical Industry. We are specialists in catalysis and separation technologies employing polymeric Amberlyst catalysts and Amberlite adsorbents and ion exchange resins. We support our customers in the development of novel polymer based catalysts, improve existing catalytic and purification processes of many different chemicals and help develop and run processes in metals recovery and refining. Many chemicals are made and purified through our high performance functional polymers. They often help make our world cleaner.

Rohm and Haas commitment to growth in the Industrial Processes Markets is as strong as ever. Novel polymeric catalysts are under development and will close some gaps between current polymeric and inorganic catalysts. Reducing the "time-to-market" is a key concern of our R&D and Technical support people. You can rely on this team because they will always be aware of the latest developments in your field.


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