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Biodiesel Purification



AMBERLITE™ BD10DRY™ technology, only from Rohm and Haas.


The easiest and most cost effective medium for purifying biodiesel



Biodiesel quality standards are becoming tougher. Even the smallest traces of soap, catalyst, and glycerol must be systematically removed from crude biodiesel in order to meet stringent new international quality specifications.


Rohm and Haas pioneered the use of a DRY polymeric-based process for biodiesel purification. No one has more experience or expertise in biodiesel purification than Rohm and Haas. Our AMBERLITE™ BD10DRY™ purification technology is unique both in performance and cost effectiveness.





Trust only Rohm and Haas

Rohm and Haas is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and technologies.

Our Quality commitment is unparalleled as is our history of offering innovative functional polymer technologies. Our global technical team is uniquely experienced to work with you to optimize your biodiesel production process.



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Amberlite™ BD10DRY Users Guide

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Amberlite™ BD10DRY FAQs (html)

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Methanol regeneration procedure for Amberlite BD10DRY

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Loading and Unloading procedures for Amberlite BD10DRY

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15-17 November, 2009


2nd Intl. Congress on Biodiesel:

The Science and the Technologies

Westin Grand München Arabellapark

Munich, Germany



Monday, 16 November, 2009

1:00 to 2:00 pm

Process Solutions for the Biodiesel Industry

Speaker: Dr. Donna Rohan

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For more information and for a copy of our Amberlite™ BD10DRY™ technology brochure, please CLICK HERE.