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Glycerol Purification from Biodiesel Processing

with AMBERSEP™ BD50 Technology*


The Low-Cost Route to High-Purity Glycerol


The biodiesel industry generates a tremendous amount of crude glycerol. The crude glycerol that is produced as a by-product in the transesterification reaction to make biodiesel typically contains high levels of salts, stemming from the use of homogeneous transesterification catalysts such as sodium methylate. Most applications for glycerol require the elimination of these salts.

Conventional methods for glycerol purification are challenged with high operating costs.


An Innovative, Flexible Solution


By applying the latest advances in chromatography and polymeric separation technologies, Rohm and Haas and Novasep Process have developed an innovative, cost-effective solution for the purification of crude glycerol with high salt content. The AMBERSEP™ BD50 route is flexible to provide a range of glycerol qualities as a function of your requirements.

Our team can provide a full range of support including process technology, engineering, media and equipment, and tailored service options.

The AMBERSEP™ BD50 Value Proposition

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Suitable for crude glycerol with a high salt content
  • Can deliver a flexible range of glycerol qualities, even to < 5 ppm salt and low colour if required
  • Design packages are engineered according to the capacity of your installation
  • Environmentally friendly : integrates a solution for treating raffinate side streams

* Patent pending



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Monday, 16 November, 2009

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Speaker: Dr. Donna Rohan